Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Diner Dash at a Glance

As if our days of hauling ass at McDonalds weren’t enough, we have Diner Dash. In this game, you play Flo, a woman fed up with her demanding office job. Her solution? Open her very own Diner. Because we all know customers are never demanding!

Your objectives are simple. Seat your customers, take their orders, bring them their food, take their money and clear away their mess for the next group. You must be quick, because if you make them wait too long they get upset and leave. They start with six hearts and if you push them far enough, all will disappear, including the customer.

The controls are very simple. Drag the groups of people to the table where they’ll sit and look at their menus for a while. When they are ready, they put the menus down and hold their hands up. You click on them with your mouse to take their order. Next you click on the spinner to drop off their order. When the cook places the food on the counter, you click on it and then click on the appropriate table to deliver it (they’ll have corresponding numbers.) When the group is finished eating they’ll raise their hands again. All you’ll need to do is click on them to give them their bill and they’ll leave. To clear the table, you click…again. Click the table, click the massive cart filled to the brim with dirty dishes and you’re ready for you next bunch of customers.

As addictive as this game is, it is very simple in its design. I can’t imagine any hardcore gamers going crazy for this one. It certainly fulfills that itch you may have while at work or while at the computer working on a paper. The game is, however, perfect for anyone trying to get into gaming. One key element to playing any video game is the ability to multi-task and keep an eye on several things at once. The controls are simple enough where a new gamer can focus on the big picture and make sure the objectives are met. With 50 levels of fast paced, repetitive game play, Diner Dash is a great way to break into gaming.


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