Friday, November 25, 2005

Girlfriends Against Video Games...Yeeeaaah.

MTV has an article online that is about a group of women at Kansas State University who have formed a "support group" called Girlfriends Against Video Games. The article really isn't that interesting. I thought there would be more, but there isn't. It all comes down to people not being able to let go of the idea that gaming is very much an adult hobby. If these guys were spending as much time on building a car or even a computer, no one would say a thing. The article sucks because it discusses what the girlfriends have problems with, then their gamer boyfriends just kinda shrug their shoulders and no solutions are offered up. Well, I have a couple thoughts on what I think these couples should keep in mind in trying to come up with a solution.

First, in my opinion, there is a lack of either party opening up to each other. Guys have to be aware that girls feel threatened if they are put in second place to ANYTHING. Girls have to be aware that if you date a hardcore gamer, you are pretty much always going to be in second place to gaming. Girls need to accept and deal with this if they want to stay with the guy and guys need to make what I like to call "princess time." NO GAMES for at least an hour a couple times a week.

Second, if you are a hardcore gamer and you fall in love with a girl who hates games, try to bring her into your world. Share them with her. Ask her sit with you while you play your favorite games, and tell her why you like them! Let her in on inside jokes. Buy her some games that you guys can play together like Mario Kart, or Katamari Damacy, or Animal Crossing! Those are FUN games that can actually make for a pretty cool date night! Laughing is fun AND its sexy. Another great game to play with your girlfriend is Fatal Frame. Its slow, thoughtful, and SCARY! Turn off the lights and cuddle up! Its very romantic. Also, let her know how special it is to have her play with you and make sure you take the time to talk her through things and teach her how to play. Girls, open yourself up to sharing his passion. If he doesn't initate it, then do it yourself! Tell him you want a game to play with just him, or suprise him some night with one. Ask him to tell you about his favorite games. It will mean the world to him if you want to know more about his passion. Guys, you should also learn about your girlfriend's hobbies. Get involved and show her you are interested in what she loves. If she's an avid reader, find out what some of her fav books are and...*gasp!* read them for yourself so you can share that with her. This is an idea that is very important in any relationship. You date someone to get to know them and share your lives with them. While its healthy to have your own seperate things to do as individuals, its also healthy and imporant to share them as well.

For any girl who really wants to understand/relate to your gamer boyfriend, I recommend checking out the gaming blog Kotaku. Its light, its fluffy, its a great introduction to gamer pop culture and chances are, you'll love reading it.

Also, at the end of the day girls, if you are turning to a forum called "Girlfriends Against Video Games" to bitch and moan about your boyfriends...maybe the problem is just not worth fixing for ya. If thats the case, just go!

Finally, Guys, we know gaming is fun. But, so is sex! Find balance in your life!!!

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my girlfriend's hobbies ARE my yeah, go me! :D

MTV did a True Life: I'm a Gamer episode a few years back with fatal1ty and one of the segments was on a kid soo fixated on Madden. He had a g/f and she wanted to go somewhere (mall prehaps) he said after the game. 1 game turned into several games and she just walked out on him while he was still playing. In the end, she left him and he just kept playing Madden in his house...yeah sad indeed!

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