Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I was cleaning out my delicious favorites and I came across a two week old Kotaku story about an interview with "AthenaTwin" of the PMS Clan: A group of women gamers 400 strong. I saved it because I didn't have time to read through the interview at the time and I was seriously put off by the idea of a group of women forming a clan only to call it PMS. I wanted to know more.

I just read it and I have to admit that I was really impressed. I knew "bapenguin" of Evil Avitar was going to make a big deal about girl gamers, because its such a hot topic now, but I was really suprised on how cool AthenaTwin was. I don't know what I was expecting from the interview. I knew they wouldn't talk about clothes, the mall or periods, but still. While they did discuss women's issues, they also geeked out A LOT! It was really cool.

What really impressed me was that AthenaTwin and I share the same ideas as to why it is so important to bring in new gamers. She also pointed out that women gamers are important to the community and the industry because we are a myth. When people hear about "gamer chicks" they pay attention and it brings in more money for the industry.

Oddly enough this was not something I had thought of. I had always wanted to just blend in as a gamer. I didn't want anyone make a fuss about me being a girl that played games, lest someone treat me inferior or think I'm only capable, or wanting to play "girly" games.

But now I see the other side of the coin. I'm proud to be a gamer girl. I like knowing I can bring interest to the industry. Because with interest comes new gamers and with new gamers comes more money and with more moeny we have a stronger industry and it promotes innovation.

Check out the interview and the PMS Clan website and show these girls your support! They are really working to push the industry forward and that is something everyone benefits from.


PMS Clan


Blogger Zodiak said...

We need female leaders in the industry, it would be awesome to work with and against them. And yes, I'm glad this blog ain't down yet :p

lol take care!


7:11 AM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

We women are FEROCIOUS! We'll come in, take over, clean house and make it all run better! YES!!

9:21 AM  

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