Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving Love: Part II

Shortly after I posted about Julia putting Michael(and/or Jaime) in his place, we all started to congregate by the fire. Now, I am of the cuddly persuation and I LOVE back rubs. I love them so much I sometimes convince my nephew and neices to "draw" on my back with their fingers. They draw a picture on my back, I guess what it is and then I draw a pic on their back and they guess.

Michael and Jaime usually fall for this (though not the last couple times), but Julia is another story. She has NEVER agreed to play this game with me and today was NO exception. I called out to her and asked her to draw on my back as she walked by and with out stopping or even looking at me she yells out:

Rule number one: I will not draw on your back.
Rule number "phree": do not ask me again!

Julia is five and apparently is one smart cookie...maybe not such a good counter though.


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