Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Well, Alright!

I read in Gamasutra that Georgia is following Louisiana's steps to offer film and video game businesses tax credits if they set up shop there. That is VERY cool. I think Wisconsin should do something like this. As of right now, it is nearly impossible for indie groups to make films here because of the taxes, fees and registration involved. Madison is a great city that could be a hub for independent film makers. There is a lot of support for artists here. Milwaukee has a really great community, but its very small. Strong and getting attention, but still small. Its going to stay that way, unfortunatly, so long as it takes an act of God to get a film off the ground here.

Truthfully, I can't see Wisconsin pumping out many video games. I don't care. I'll be in Los Angeles anyway. Or maybe in Japan as a corespondent for Joystiq(with my robot baby and Nintendog). YES!


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