Monday, December 12, 2005

Christmas Came Early for ME!!!

Well, maybe not. But today was a great day for my video game blogs! I found some really cool things to share with you all. I am super, duper...umm...DUPER excited about all the little gems I found...well, that the likes of Kotaku, Joystiq and Gamasutra found.

First, there is a pretty funny article about nerds who have tatooed themselves with the apple logo and video game characters. The article it self is pretty cool, but I really liked the pictures. I saw a lot of the Miami Ink shows and have since come to really respect tatoo artists and those who get inked. I much prefer smaller tatoos, but some of the big ones are really cool! Especially the science and computer nerds. There is one of a DNA stand that goes all the way down a guys back. It is BEAUTIFUL! So, to my future husband, whoever, where ever you are...that DNA strand kicks ass, GO FOR IT! (I also like the Mario mushroom) Very sexy! *raises eyebrows a couple times* MmmHmmm!
Tatooed Nerds

Here is a fun site...kinda. Its GOOGLE FIGHT and Steve Jobs pwned Bill Gates man. YES!

Alright, next up is a great article that takes a look at last year's hardware, how things sold and discusses market share. I haven't had time to take an in-depth look at it, but I plan at eating and breathing the information. Its going to be important to keep in mind with this next generation of consoles. It'll be interesting to see how it all shakes out!
Hardware Year in Review
Joystiq's link

Capcom has unveiled a new game called Lost Planet: Extreme Condition and will be an Xbox 360 exclusive. The part that I love the most is that there will be "snow pirates" in this game. HA! SNOW PIRATES?! I can't wait to see what those are like!
Capcom's new game

There is a new fan made 2D Halo game out called Halo Zero and guess what? You can download it for free!!! YIPEE!! AND, you can get it: HERE

Gamasutra has an article about the Independent Games Festival finalists that have been announced and they look GOOD! Sadly, I've only played the Weird Worlds demo, but it was awesome and the article provides links to all the finalist, plus others to consider! They are either free, or have free demos, so you can take them for a spin before the winner is announced at the Game Developers Conference in March. IN FACT, if you get a chance to play these, drop me a line, either via email or AIM or as a comment on any post, as to which one of the nominees you'd like to see win. School is almost over, so I will get a chance to play them and hopefully write a post about my experiences.
2006 Independent Games Festival Announces Finalists
UPDATE: Joystiq has a really great, organized list of the finalists HERE

I was watching Call for Help this morning and they showcased a really cool website called Language is a Virus. Its full of games, free software and writing excercises to help you through writer's block. I've played with a few of the games and, though its kinda weird, I can see how it really gets you thinking creativly. So, for all the writers in my life (Mo, Zodiak/John, Chris, Dutch, and anyone else I forgot), ENJOY!
Language is a Virus

How kick ass was that my friends? Some really cool stuff...well...I think so at least. But, I'm pretty big nerd, so I'm sure everyone else is left looking at their clocks lamenting the 5 minutes they just wasted on my blog. And for that I say: Dood, you're the one who keeps coming back! You can't blame anyone but yourself! HA!


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