Wednesday, December 14, 2005

ModBlog Favorite-I'm a Naughty Girl

Today was a bitch. This is all I could muster, sorry. Here is a "favorite" from my old ModBlog account.

God, this is so narcissistic:

I'm a Naughty Girl
I was walking over to the escalator to go up to the second floor of MATC where my State and Local Government class is and accidentally ran into a girl who was walking to the escalator with her boyfriend as well (I was putsing with my iPod.) I felt like an ass and apologized politely and laughed.

She called me a bitch.

So I stared at her boyfriend's ass the whole way up to the 2nd floor. In fact, I followed them up to the 3rd floor just for fun. The boy's ass was nice. Very sexy.



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