Monday, December 05, 2005

OMG! I'm Blind!!

Sometime around Thanksgiving, my brother unwittyingly discovered that if you forget the "S" in craigslist, you get a fabulous pr0n site.

I totally forgot about this when I decided to pay craigslist a visit to look for a job. Lo and behold, "craiglist" was the first option that was still saved in my address bar and when I clicked on it I saw images of women...ummm...doing mommy things and making babies...sometmes with daddies and other times with other...ummm...mommies. Sometimes they were just by themselves.

Squeeling with shock and delight, I mean horror, I tried again and again to click on the correct spelling of craigSlist, but kept accidentally clicking on craiglist. I must have done it 5 times before I got the right one.

Those damn animated gifs...they sure are distracting, aren't they? I felt like a moth attracted to a bright light in the night.


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