Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Pardon the Randomness

I was sooooo upset over the final episode of G4tv.com last night, that I forgot to take the butter out of the fridge so it could soften over night. *sigh* That is some HARD butter, my friends. I'm thinking of putting it in front of the fireplace for a little while so I can get to making the melting moments. I'm not terribly fast in the kitchen and I still have some other stuff to do. Hoooooooraaaaaaay.

Anyway, Del.icio.us is up and running and I have just a few things to share. Not as much as I thought there would be, but thats jut the way it goes around the holidays, I guess. Things slow down for the baking, the shopping and the wrapping. I'm sure the goodies will flow after everything has settled.

First, there is GOOD NEWS for Pokemon and BAD NEWS for Barbie. I hate Barbie.

Second, 4 color rebellion has a link to an AWESOME flash movie called Ryu v.s. Scorpian. Yep, that's right. Ryu v.s. Scorpan, oh my!

Now for some oldies: I bookmarked these before de.icio.us went down, so please forgive their staleness, but they are still very important reads.
--First is an article written by Brian Ashcraft of Kotaku and he explains why all the hype surround the Xbox 360 is not just hype, but very important for Microsoft.
--Next is an article from Gamasutra that takes a look at the game rating systems of several countries, including ours. It was very interesting. I highly recommend it.

Now for some Christmas gaming goodness, YES!!!
--Joystiq has a link to some hilarious 8 bit Christmas music. It's definatly worth a once through.
--Game Politics is much respected blog in the industry (Yes, Sir David Jaffe, in the INDUSTRY)and they love their readers. They had industry leaders phone in holiday greetings and made it into a 9 minute podcast. It brought a HUGE grin to my face and put in me right in the mood...for Christmas, jeeze people! Ya blog about on little blue tooth enabled vibrator and everyone starts thinking you've got one thing on the brain...wireless technology, duh!
clicky for the podcast


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