Monday, December 19, 2005

Podcast Overload

I love podcasts, but I think I'm going overboard in a big way. I've been too busy in the past couple weeks to listen to many, and due to my man Dvorak getting slammed by Dutch, I have to listen to a couple of old ones to try and defend him. (Though John does tend to dig himself into some pretty deep holes and I fear this one will be too much for me). I have a lot of catching up to do today! Luckily, I have Christmas cookies to make, so it shouldn't be too hard. Here is my line-up.

Episode 23 UPDATE: Done!!
Episode 24 UPDATE: DONE!!
Episode 25


Episode 33 (re-listen for Dutch)UPDATE: DONE!
Episode 34 (re-listen for Dutch) UPDATE: DONE!
Episode 35

The Digital Blast (Dutch's podcast)
Episode 15 UPDATE: DONE!

The Escapist Magazine

Episode 0 UPDATE: DONE!!!

Wil Wheaton's Radio Free Burrito
Episode 1 UPDATE: DONE!
Episode 3
(Episode 2 seems to be MIA)

I'd also like to give Martin Sargent's another try as well. His first one drove me crazy becuase he wasn't watching his levels. I hate having to keep adjusting the volume, ya know?

Whew! I'm both extremely lucky and extremely overloaded. Not that I'm complaining. Lord knows I love my podcasts! Its gonna be a nice day for baking to be sure.


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