Saturday, December 03, 2005

A Shmorgasboard...Smorgasboard...ShmorgASSbored...a Smattering of Random Goodies!

1. Wil Wheaton has a podcast now! I listened to it and it was VERY nice. People wrote in to him and he answered their questions. He's an extremely interesting person with a lot of passion. I certainly recommend it.
Wil Wheaton's Radio Free Burrito: Episode Zero HOORAY!!!

2. *sigh* I have a MYfuckingSPACE account now. Two of my friend's made one and I wanted to comment on their blogs, it is.
clicky for teh SUCKAGE!!! (Erica and Emma! You guys should get blogger accounts!!)

3. I am behind on my reading (DOOD! Finals are coming up, leave me alone!)BUT, MTV has a little article that is about Nate Bihldorff, the script writer for Mario: Partners in Time. As a screenwriter, video game scripts are quickly becoming a fascination for me. Yes, people want their games to be built around compelling stories, but at the end of the day, a game is all about game play. Its a struggle to write good dialogue that is interesting, establishes the character, sets/defines objectives, and at the end of it all,is brief. If you wanted to watch a movie, you'd be watching a movie, not playing a video game. I saw the Kotaku story on it yesterday and just now got a chance to read it, but it didn't really have much to it. That's the second MTV article I wasn't impressed by. The writing style is great, but there isn't much content. A whole lot of fluff though! I think I see a trend starting.
Mustard of Doom

4. Again, I've had a hard time with my readings, so I just finished a piece from Netjak that is really interesting. Rick Healey compares today's home console games to those of early home console and arcade games. In his opinion early games were shorter, but a lot harder and today's games are easier, but a lot longer. His reasoning behind this, which makes complete sense, is that with an arcade game, the more you mess-up, the more quarters you have to put in and the more money is made from you. With a home console, a customer only needs to make the initial investment and after that, its out of the game maker's hands. The games need to be easier, so we can breeze through them and buy the next game to satiate our lust. Sure the games are longer, so we don't feel ripped off, but they are easier.At least this is Mr. Healey's opinion on the matter and it makes perfect sense.

I find this interesting. I have a splotchy gaming history, so I can't really relate to this story. I never got a chance to play the early arcade games and I didn't play much as games progressed. I started to get a little interested with gaming through my now ex boyfriend, but was quite put off because I felt like they were too hard. This is something that Spanner of The Escapist has picked up on as well while gaming with his young niece. His article for The Escapist, called The Third Generation, flips the issue calling today's games too complicated and isolating. The games he and his niece end up playing are always the good ol' arcade games. This makes a whole lot of sense to me as well.

But I find myself a bit confused and frustrated with my lame n00b ass. Which is it? Can a game be easy and complicated at the same time? Rick Healey points out in HIS article that a game should be a balance of skill and length, but about complexity? And, oh my god, I totally can work the REvolution into this as I ALWAYS do! GO ME!!! Will Nintendo's Revolution controller be a step closer to this? Is it really just a matter of making the controller more intuitive to use? Will the ladies of Wisteria Lane finally have an orgy???!!! Wait...oops. Wrong melodrama.

Read the articles and leave a comment. Each article is VERY well written and have a lot to say. You'll really enjoy them.
The Escapist

5. In 1993, I was in love with Alexander Siddig, who plays Dr. Bashir on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Now, after 12 years of wondering what hell he has been doing (besides being married to Major Kira) I saw him!!!! He's totally in Syrina! I looked him up on IMDb and he was also in Reign of Fire and Kingdom of Heaven. GO DR. BASHIR!!! YES!

6. Last, but certainly not least, THIS is why I love Kotaku. *sigh*


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