Saturday, December 10, 2005

Some Goodies

The Xbox was released in Japan today...I think. I'm a little lost on the time difference, so maybe its being released...tonight? Either way, someone has a VERY interesting article that talks about how the sales of the new console is doing so far. Things are looking good for the 360 in Japan guys!

A California judge is now looking into the new video game legislation in California and is asking some very good questions:

1. "The parties have submitted substantial amounts of footage from seven games: Postal II, Resident Evil IV, Jade Empire, Full Spectrum Warrior, God of War, Rainbow Six 3, and Medal of Honor: Frontline. The court would like the parties' opinions as to which of these games would be covered by the definition of violent video game in (the CA law)"

2. "One of the definitions of violent video game in the act refers to 'prevailing standards in the community as to what is suitable for minors. The Act can be enforced by 'any city attorney, county counsel, or district attorney.' Would it present constitutional problems for the Act to be enforced as to a certain game in some cities and counties but not in others? "

3. "If the Act is not vague, what test should be used to evaluate whether there is a First Amendment violation? If it's the test from Ginsberg, does the rationale behind restricting a minor's access to pornography translate into a restriction that can be adopted to restrict access to violent video games? If it's strict scrutiny, is there a way that the statute could be narrowed so that it would pass constitutional muster? Under strict scrutiny, how is the court to decide whether there was enough evidence to justify the Act? "

4. "If there was evidence that certain video games promoted disloyalty, selfishness, or spitefulness, could a government restrict minors' access to those games? If not, how does aggression differ from disloyalty, selfishness, and spitefulness?"

5. "Governments may mandate package labeling in other contexts. Would a requirement for a package of cigarettes or a magazine cover to have a two-square-inch sticker on the front violate the First Amendment? How does the First Amendment prevent California from requiring labeling of video games?"

So far things are going well for the ESA and the judge is to give a ruling by the end of next week. Check out the rest of the article HERE.

HERE is a really crazy Zelda commercial. The video has been out for a while, but I wasn't in the mood to update my blog with all my internet goodies. I love this because I can totally see Jack from Will and Grace directing and staring in this. Oh, god, I wish he had. That would have been even better. Anyway, ENJOY!


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