Friday, December 23, 2005

A Very Merry Dvorak Christmas

First, my sister is doing fine. A little shaken, but ok. I guess they didn't just get a gun shoved in their faces, he actually started to beat one of Liz's friends! He clobbered her on the head and then stangled her! When I first heard of what happened to my sister and her friends, I attributed it to desperation. Now that I know all that happened I am upset. Desperation doesn't drive someone to stragle a woman for her purse. That is just plain malice. But at the end of the day, everyone is safe for Christmas and for that I am thankful.

Alright, just wanted to post some good stuff from Dvorak Uncensored. Enjoy and I hope everyone has a happy holidays!!!!

France has legalized online file sharing! What I love is that the amendments were endorsed by "rebel conservative lawmakers." Yeah.
Rebel Conservative, HA!

Well, it is on. Microsoft bought Opera. *sigh* I personally think this sucks, but whatever. Lord knows the game console wars will be over soon enough. Might as well get riled up over a browser war.
Bring it On

On the topic of browsers, I was checking my stats and the majority of you who visit my blog still use Internet Explorer. SHAME ON YOU!!! Don't worry. I have decided to get you all Firefox for Christmas, so enjoy!
Firefox 1.5

And now, a Christmas present for myself. Scientists believe they can cure my pesky MENSTURATION by this time next year! Sweet. Now I can text myself all month long. Life is good.
Click for teh cure, baby

This one is for Dutch:
Life keeps getting better for Stephanie. You all know my desire to live in Tokyo for a year or so with my Nintendog and robot baby. Now, ladies and gentle, I can share all my love with a robot girlfriend. Oh the joy!


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