Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Winter I Love--Kinda

I just got home and the roads are getting bad. Its snowing a really wet, heavy, slippery snow. Its flipping cold too! For some reason, I hardly notice the cold when it snows.

Tonight will be beautiful. Its going to keep on snowing until it piles up and blocks all the noise from echoing. It brings the sky down and closes you in and you feel like you are in a sound stage. The snow will be brand new and white and it will stick to everything. Your shoes, your pants, your mittens. You roll around and around and around on the ground until you look like a snow monster and its time to come in.

But its not night, not just yet and I am inside and I'm in front of the fire. The christmas tree lights are on and I've pulled open the patio door drape. Outside is sparkly, pure white landscape and it sets off the tree beautifully.

This is what I'll miss when I make the move to California.


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