Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I found more awesome music! Myspace rocks for that, seriously.

Check out
Stephanie Dosen




Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Just Promise Me This One Thing

If anyone asks you to see the play "The Homecoming" by Harold Pinter...

..say NO!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Music for my Soul

I think I have found THE best band EVER.

Rocco DeLuca and the Burden

They are AMAZING!!!! I LOVE Dope. That song rocks my teeny tiny ninja world.

Read about Rocco DeLuca HERE. His story is amazing.

Buy the album. Buy and listen to it EVERY day and if you are lucky enough to live in L.A. or be near a city they visit, go to their concert. This is what rock is about. This is true music.

Friday, January 20, 2006

For John

I used a dirty spoon today and thought of you.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

The New World: "Best Historical Romance Since TITANIC."

Riiiiight. I guess that means I WONT be seeing that movie then.

But seriously, how do you get off putting the tragedy of TITANIC with "historical romance" anyway? Kinda blows my mind, really. It's like making a movie about a young accountant working in the twin towers 9/11 and how he saves the secretary he really loves, but dies as the towers collapse. SOOOO romantic. It would be THE date movie of the year. Oh yeah.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Terrorist or Activist?

Madison, WI has been up in arms since December 26th when a pipe bomb blew up in a Madison parking ramp. There have been several more pipes found in other parking ramps and taped to mailboxes since then. None were actual bombs, but it is quite clear that whoever is doing this, wants people to think they are bombs and to be afraid.

What the hell is going on? What is this person...or people, trying to say? My mom thinks it's an activist from the area that doesn't want to see Madison get the "face lift" everyone is talking about.

Madison is a really neat city. We have a strong and active political culture. Lots activists that vary in their beliefs. You have a lot of enviromentalists who want to see the city stay small and intimate with lots of green space and a safe, nurturing place for independent artists. There are also a lot of enepreneurs who want to build Madison up. Madison has gotten a lot of attention in past for being a top city in the country to live in...so naturally, people have been coming. The downtown area has always been home to small businesses and independant artists, but the past couple of years has seen some VERY expensive, chic boutiques move in and push some of the other businesses out. While this has been exactly what some want to see happen, it's the exact opposite of what many others want.

With high end stores and million dollar postage stamp sized condos going up all over downtown Madison, are there people actually trying to frighten developers away? Or is just the work of some very bored, disturbed individuals?

All I know for sure, is that I'm annoyed and I'm frustrated. This is a horrible thing to do, regardless of the reason. I'd love to see Madison stay the same as well, but planting pipe bombs all over the city is soo WRONG! You can hurt and kill people! My dad works downtown and parks in a ramp. I'm confident that he is safe, but I still can't shake that little fear in the back of my head and it's not fair. We shouldn't have to worry like this.

UPDATE 1/14: I wasn't aware of this when I wrote this last night, but another pipe bomb went off yesterday. This time it had been dropped off on someone's porch. No one was injured.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I've Found My People

Aliens and Children

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Too Busy

I've been busy trying to get back into my creative writing full time, so I haven't been reading my gaming blogs or trying to find some cool links to post about. I do want to still pursue games journalism, but I do have a video game idea and a pretty kick ass story going for a television series that I need to work as well. Besides, my writing has gone down hill since I've abandoned all my creative endeavors.

I do have another blog called Colored Prose with some of my creative ditties in it. Please check it out and leave me feedback. Not very many people look at it and no one has really left me comments. I'm not a great writer, so I need people to tell me what they think so I can adapt and grow. It is a must for any writer. Here is a story I wrote when I still using modblog. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Harriet (Part I)
Harriet always got chai from the "Cool Beans Cafe" that was nestled in the heart of downtown Chicago. The coffee shop was a warm place with gold tones covering the walls and plush purple velvet armchairs spread out all over. She would sink deep into a chair, turn on her iPod and listen to music as she watched people walk by the front window of the cafe. She wondered who they were, where they were going and what would happen to them through out their day. The men were the most mysterious to her. They all wore the same black or gray, or navy blue suits. They all carried their briefcases and talked on their cell phones. What were they like at home? What colors did they wear? What kind of women were they dating? Is this where they saw themselves when they were six-years-old? Harriet would've given anything to become invisible and follow one around to see what they were really like. Especially one in particular. He came to Cool Beans every day as well. He wore a black suit and tie and carried a suitcase. He was Harriest's most anticipated part of her day. He had a rebellious way about him. A spirit that longed to break out of the mundane and run free. This intrigued and excited the woman and she loved him for it. (10/12/05)

Will (Part II)
Will loved the city and he loved it best in October. The few trees that lined the streets would turn to colors of tawny yellow, amber and crimson. The leaves would stand out so vibrantly against the towering buildings. Then, as the month came to a close and the winds got stronger and colder, the leaves would fall and blow all around him. It was something that had excited Will even as a child. He didn't think he'd ever get over it. Today was a cold and windy day, but walking into Cool Beans, the smell of espresso washed over him and immediately warmed him through and through. The jewel toned hues that decorated this space were inviting, especially the giant over-stuffed arm chairs. They seemed always to be beckoning him to sit and stay for a while. Glancing longingly in their direction, he saw her. Cuddled up in her throne right in front of the window. She was always doing something different. Reading, writing, sketching, knitting. Today, she simply sat perched in her usual spot, listening to music and watching the people outside. Will found her mysterious and beautiful. Mahogany hair that fell around her shoulders in ringlets, pale, smooth skin sprinkled with feckles and she wore colors. Plum, emerald, gold, coral, cinnamon. Any color a human could possibly dream-up, she had worn it and Will loved her for it. (10/13/05)

Yellow (Part III)
A lone piccalo. A pinching tie. Smooth dark roast. A haunting melody. It's good to see you again! Baking cookies. Rising violins. Smiling baristas. Unfamiliar faces. Can you believe he said that? The weight of change in your hand. Horns and trumpets bursting forth. Would you like whipped cream on your mocha? Five senses completely bombarded by life inside the cafe, Harriet and Will must rely on their sixth sense. The one that knows when a kindred spirit is near. People rushing by. Screeching steamer. Sugar crystals cascading into a pool of foam. Thank you, have a good day. Chairs scraping across the floor. I'd also like a blueberry scone, please. The strings fade out as the horns hold a single chilling note. They feel it. Each accutely aware of the other. A woman's laughter. What can I make for you today? A single car horn. Forks clanking on plates. I've got a large soy latte decaf ready!

A baby laughs yellow.

It breaks through to Harriet and Will and speaks to their hearts. Both turn in search of the source of such joy and find each other's gaze. In an instant they can see the colors of each other's soul. Vibrant and warm the colors tell their stories of purple birthdays, orange holidays, yellow friendships, grey confusion, black despair and green healing. Every color reaching out to the other. Their colors bleed together.

Smashing glass. The gaze is broken. Harriet and Will look away. The piccalo returns. The paper cup burns the hand. Harriet closes her eyes and rests her head on the chair. Will prepares for the cold, gusty wind. And as he leaves they both can feel it. They have been forever changed and they love each other for it. (10/15/05)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

L'attesa, risulta che Jesus Christ era reale?

Yep, that's right my little google translator. Prove Jesus Christ was real. Whatever.