Friday, January 13, 2006

Terrorist or Activist?

Madison, WI has been up in arms since December 26th when a pipe bomb blew up in a Madison parking ramp. There have been several more pipes found in other parking ramps and taped to mailboxes since then. None were actual bombs, but it is quite clear that whoever is doing this, wants people to think they are bombs and to be afraid.

What the hell is going on? What is this person...or people, trying to say? My mom thinks it's an activist from the area that doesn't want to see Madison get the "face lift" everyone is talking about.

Madison is a really neat city. We have a strong and active political culture. Lots activists that vary in their beliefs. You have a lot of enviromentalists who want to see the city stay small and intimate with lots of green space and a safe, nurturing place for independent artists. There are also a lot of enepreneurs who want to build Madison up. Madison has gotten a lot of attention in past for being a top city in the country to live naturally, people have been coming. The downtown area has always been home to small businesses and independant artists, but the past couple of years has seen some VERY expensive, chic boutiques move in and push some of the other businesses out. While this has been exactly what some want to see happen, it's the exact opposite of what many others want.

With high end stores and million dollar postage stamp sized condos going up all over downtown Madison, are there people actually trying to frighten developers away? Or is just the work of some very bored, disturbed individuals?

All I know for sure, is that I'm annoyed and I'm frustrated. This is a horrible thing to do, regardless of the reason. I'd love to see Madison stay the same as well, but planting pipe bombs all over the city is soo WRONG! You can hurt and kill people! My dad works downtown and parks in a ramp. I'm confident that he is safe, but I still can't shake that little fear in the back of my head and it's not fair. We shouldn't have to worry like this.

UPDATE 1/14: I wasn't aware of this when I wrote this last night, but another pipe bomb went off yesterday. This time it had been dropped off on someone's porch. No one was injured.


Blogger Zodiak said...

I'm sure its these activists...wouldn't see why terrorists would go for Madison, they would rather hit bigger targets like New York and LA.

These so called "enviromentalist terrorists" say they are doing this for the Earth, to help her live longer, sadly they are destroying the Earth with the rest of us. Or this could be some kid's idea to scare people.(I'm sure it's just a basic pipebomb with nails and such in the middle).

Try not to worry about it and hope one doesn't go off killing anybody.

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