Sunday, February 19, 2006

Here's to Swimmin' With Bow-Legged Women...

...and getting bigger boats.

What ever happened to Hollywood? Wasn't there a time not TOO long ago when a blockbuster movie was a REAL blockbuster? It had thrills and spills and CONTENT? Do you remember when actors were ACTORS and made movies because they were actors and not because they were hot little blonds with TV shows, music CDs, make-up and clothing lines that this particular film was going to promote. I mean, I remember when I saw Young Guns II and my sister told me to look for Jon Bon Jovi in the final scenes because he had been given a CAMEO for writing a song for the movie. And there he was, popped out of a hole, got shot right away and fell back into the hole in...well, a Blaze of Glory (sorry) I was AMAZED.

I was only 8 or 9, so maybe it was just a matter of me being young, but then I see commercials for The Pink Panther with Beyonce and I think...maybe not. Maybe it's just as bad as I really think it is. Not that cross overs are bad. Jamie Foxx kicks ass and lord knows we wouldn't have 24 with out Kiefer being able to make that leap, but STILL! Has anyone noticed that anytime Mandy Moore makes a film, she gets a song on the soundtrack? She's a great actress, but a horrible singer. And what about TV actor's significant others getting guest roles, simply because they are dating? Or two lovers making a film together (BENIFFER! and she's doing it again with Marc!)It's insane, so let's stop all that foolishness right now, shall we?

I saw Jaws for the first time last night. I knew it was a classic, but all I had heard about it was how great it was back in 1975 and how cheesy it was now. I never really had any interest in it, so I never went out of my way to see it. I chanced upon it just as it was starting last night on A&E (HA!)though, so I stayed and watched it.

And so, I'm left to wonder, WHAT HAPPENED TO HOLLYWOOD???!!! Jaws is such a great movie! Cheesy, yes, but my god! It's so solid and the characters actually have meat and's CONTENT! Brody, Hooper and Quint are amazing and compelling characters! I mean, they are all there for the same reason, have similar experiences with sharks (to a certain degree), but look at how different they are! So different, but obessed just the same. All three have these detailed and quirky personalities that you just don't see these days...I mean, not in the blockbusters.

That film has SO much heart to it. This is the Hollywood that I fell in love with as a child. THIS is the Hollywood that I wanted to be a part of, and THIS is the Hollywood that no longer exists today.

I dunno, Mo. Do you think you and I can revive this?

I kinda think we have to see Hollywood die completely before anything can be done to help it. But it's time like these, when I see the REAL Hollywood, alive and well in films like Jaws, that makes me want to reach for it and give it my best.

Who knows? Maybe I will after all?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps the reason why there are so many cross-over "artists" (...if we can even call them that...) is because there are people are there who pay attention...ahem *cough* *cough*. Nothing personal, either; there are times I find myself in the grocery store check-out with my neck strained in order to read the headline without letting everyone else know that I'm straining to read the headline, even despite the fact that they're doing the exact same. Still, the headlines are one thing. I'd never actually purchase one of those magazines. But there are so many that do. The point is that in today's society where information and music and directions and technology is at our fingertips, where we expect to have access to everything, INCLUDING people's lives...the public simply wants more and more of these people. Movie star isnt enough. Top-of-the-charts musician isnt enough. Sitcom star isnt enough. Consumers want more, and so they're getting it. Blame yourself when all you're getting is half-assed imitations of real talent.

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Blogger Stephanie said...

I'll comment on this just as soon as you leave me a comment on myspace.

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