Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Perplexing Problem

There is an article in the paper this morning about a woman here in Wisconsin who needs a lung transplant, but her health insurance won't cover it. She and her family must must PREPAY $330,000 before they will do anything. She is down to 20% lung capacity and is deteriorating. She owns a substantial farm that she can morgage out, but with $330,000 loan, she will most likely lose the farm that has been in her family for 5 generations and that her son is poised to inherit.

There is a catch to all this though, and to me, it's a pretty significan catch.

This isn't just ANY lung transplant. It's the woman's THIRD lung transplant. The first two were payed for by her insurace company and were both done in 1997. The article is not stating whether this is all for the same lung or for two.

So the family is upset, which makes sense. This poor woman is only 44-years-old. Lord knows that American health insurance can be a cold place too. They are out there to make money off of you and if you are a risk, there's no way.

Here is my question:
Which is more important? You're farm or your life? Cos...if it were me, I'd say, sorry son, sorry ancestors, but I need me a new lung, so we are gonna sell this place so I can live!

Another VERY hard question:
If you sell the farm and get this third lung, when are you going to need a fourth and how will you pay for that one?

This has been on my mind all morning. There is the humane part of my brain that says this woman should be given the chance to live. Then there is the part that says, GOOD LORD! When is this gonna stop?

It's tough. My heart goes out to her and her family. They must be going through hell right now.


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