Saturday, March 04, 2006

Do You Smell Something?

I really hate it when people try to make a point, but they don't have the balls to actually make it. John Q is a great example, but an even better example would have to be a commercial that's playing on TV right now. Now, I don't know if this is just a mid-west commercial or a national one, but someone has an anti-smoking campaign going on.

The commercial that's circulating now has a bunch of cows walking around what looks to be New York City, one of them is being ridden by a cowboy. A person with a megaphone announces to the general public that a cow farts methane gas and a cigarette also contains methane gas in it, so...

"Doesn't it make more sense for the Marlboro man to ride a cow?"


Now, come on! That's not what you are driving at! You are trying to tell people that they are smoking the same crap that comes out of a cows ass.

Get that cowboy off the damn cow, shove a straw up the cow's ass and tell that cowboy to SUCK.

THATS what your trying to drive home, so PLEASE. Just do it.


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