Monday, May 15, 2006

i was thinking about how i wanna give up boys for a while ...

and i thought, it would be like giving up meat (wink wink) and becoming a vegitarian, right?

i'd be a boyitarian.

but then i thought, that's not right, coz if you give up meat, you aren't a meatitarian, you are a VEGitarian.

i'd be a singletarian!

and then it hit me.

if i truly, TRULY gave up boys ... i'd be a


thus is the cycle of thought i go through pretty much every damn day of my life ... and why i'm a singletarian, not by choice, but by circumstance.


Blogger Dutch DeGay said...

Okay, its been over a week. I thought you were gonna blog more? WTF?


6:49 PM  

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