Thursday, June 29, 2006

so, i've been thinking about my life

and i've been thinking about my passion and that is art. i don't want to make art to hang on a wall. i mean, sure. if that's how you want to use it, but i want to make art that can be applied to anything and everything. i want to make something on photoshop, slap it on a bag and a hoodie and a t-shirt and if someone says, "damn. i'd like that on my wall" then they got it. or if they says "damn. i'd like a collection of coffee mugs with your stuff on it." you got it. it's done. art is meant to be applied how a person sees fit to use it. i'd like to own a tiny boutique where i have stuff people can buy off the shelf, but they can also special order it onto whatever the fuck they want it to go on. playing cards, socks, thongs, plates, notebooks, whatever. and i'd make it as affordable as possible.

my dream is just to make images that people love, that lives in the imagination, that they can take with them and put it where ever and use it however they want. because, art and creativity isn't just about CREATING a piece of art. it's taking someone elses visions and make them your own. showing the world what's in your head and doing it in the most unconvential and creative way possible.

i've enrolled in my tech school's 2 year graphic design program. i'm going to apply myself and learn as much as i can. i wanna kick some ass in my lifetime, ya know? i'm so excited about getting into graphic design. i'm a very creative person, it's all i want to do with my life. i'm not happy if i'm not being challenged creativly and while i would've been happy as clam being creative in film school, i came to the conclusion that, realistically, when i graduate, i'll be holding boom mics and getting coffee for a VERY long time, if not forever. i feel i have a vision for film and screenwriting. i think my time will be better spent working my ass off in a different creative venue and then squeeze into the film industry through the back door. same for video games, maybe even music and fashion design.

i'm on a roll people. watch out!