Monday, July 31, 2006

the madness of 90 degree weather.

so i was stuck in a small traffic jam on east johnson today in the mind boggling heat that blanketed madison.

there were these two shirtless, buff, extremely tan guys making their way from their apartment to the park by the lake and as they passed by my car, i doused one of them with water from my water bottle.

the guys stopped and looked at me like, "wft?!"

i looked the one who was still dry in the eye and said, "now lick your friend. that's right, i said lick him! lick that water right off him. DO IT!"

and he did.

no really. he did.


alright, you got me. that never happened. the guys were there, the heat was there and that stupid traffic jam was there, but i never threw water at them and they never licked each other.

but i bet leo laporte would've licked the water right off of john c. dvorak in a HEART BEAT.

he's kinky like that.



Blogger Zodiak said...

Over here in Jersey its supposed to reach, or feel like, 107 degrees.

talk about fun =(

8:10 AM  

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