Sunday, July 02, 2006

ya know what movie i LOVE?

bram stoker's dracula. i remember when i was young, it was considered (at least by MY friends ... i was only 11) to be THE scariest movie EVER made!!! *gasp!* the reputation of this movie was such that i never saw it until last year.

oh, but did i love it and do i still love it more than EVER!!!

the accents are HORRIBLE!!!!! they cast the two worse actors EVER ... winona ryder and keanu reeves. but you gotta love the set designs and how they are a total throw back to really old school black and white movies with their painted back drops and horrible sound stage scenes.

and then ... there is gary oldman. *sigh* i LOVE his performance. he does such a great job of being so fucking sexy AND creepy at the same time. he is so compelling to watch.


he really does make this movie.

otherwise it's an over the top, crappy ass movie with horrible music, a man sized bat having sex with crazy red-haired women in gardens that stars KEANU fucking REEVES ... and winona ryder ... and cary elwes.

alright. that's all i got. good night.


Blogger Dutch DeGay said...

Gary Oldman rocks. He can save any movie. There are just some of those characters that couldn't be good unless played by him. Like the evil Zorg from The Fifth Element or the bad cop from The Professional. He rocks!


6:36 AM  

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