Monday, July 09, 2007

Did you say MORE than 80%????

I cleaned my life out today.

Well, it's been an on going binge from last night, really.

I was up until 4am deleting my old myspace page, backing up my ridiculously emo blog into another blog, working on THIS blog, seeing to my Facebook and Twitter accounts ...

Just trying to simplify.
(you know myspace is fucked up if I can say I simplified my life by deleting my myspace profile and replacing it with 1)Facebook, 2)Titter and 3) TWO different blogs!)

But ... I took one look around my room in the morning and I was right back at 'em at 7:30am.

My room was just STUFFED with old bills and ticket stubs and everything was just thrown around.

It was getting hard to live in here!

Recently I had helped my brother move and he is a minimalist. He never has more than he needs.

And it took us probably 15 minutes to move him into his new place. Felt like less.

Then, my friend Natalee met a guy who just moved back to Wisconsin from Portland, OR and he said he took the train and it only cost him @250 to move all his possessions via this train.

It just really got me thinking, coz I have way more than I need and I'm not happy at all and I've been thinking of moving out to Seattle, WA.

So, I woke up with the sun today and I quite literally threw away more than 80% of my bedroom.

I have just enough clothes to fill a suit case, 18 books I could not leave behind if I were to move, about 30 cds, my cd player, I have a thin/light weight comforter.

At this point, I can put all my essentials quickly into the trunk of my car and just be gone.

And ... it feels wonderful.



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