Tuesday, March 11, 2008

And So it Begins All Over Again.

Hello one and all.

It's been quite some time for me. I've been busy with work, shows, friends and my Sunday Morning art group. For those of you who may be coming around who read my stuff a long time ago, you may have noticed a name change. Little Teapot instead of Littlest Ninja.

I've changed.

I'm still the little bad ass ninja I always was, but people call me teapot now, so I figured that was well enough for these changes in time.

I've been feeling detached from who I really am lately. I love a lot of different things, but tend to focus on only one at a time and let the others fall to the way side. I was hoping maybe meeting a guy who likes some of the things I like would help me tie up some loose strings, but I think that's a cop out.

I'm gonna return to blogging and try to tie up my own loose strings.

On that note I leave you. My bus will be here soon and I have some errands.

Until next time!