Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's Not Much

Well, today I worked - ohhhhhhh, so hard - on getting my Google Reader back up and running. It was pretty exciting! I think one of the most amusing things that came out of it were the recommended blogs they had for me. One being DAVID JAFFE's blog aaaaand, another being a comic strip about ... math and love.

Yeah, math and love.

I looked at it with much excitement and was proud to be deemed "nerd" enough by Google to have them think I could handle a comic strip about math, buuuuuut ... when I started reading it, I quickly realized it was way, way, way over my head.

I should have subscribed to it anyway. I may be terrible at math, but I'm a smart girl. I catch on pretty quick, but ... I clicked "no thanks" anyway and now I regret it, if not to at least just post the link here.

If I can find that site again, I'll link to it on my blog, until then ... c'est la vie my loves ... c'est la vie.


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