Saturday, April 26, 2008

She's One Tough Cookie

So, I've had this one iPod Mini for over three years now. I've dropped the damn thing more times than I can count. And I don't mean a nice easy fall to the ground, I mean ... WOW, I THREW my iPod HARD onto the sidewalk, the street, my garage floor (lots and lots of times. Its amazing how many times my iPod managed to fly out of my car.), and now the isle of a bus. I had gotten onto the wrong bus last week sunday and had, at the last minute, decided to get off at the same stop a man was getting on. I jumped up and flew out of my seat to the door and in the process, snagged my headphones cord on some part of the seat. My ear buds got ripped from my ears and my iPod was ripped from my back pocket and was whipped across the bus, slammed onto the isle and down almost to the driver. Ugh, it was painful. Just, so painful. I picked it up and hopped off the bus, leaving my 31-day bus pass behind that was worth $47.

Looking at my iPod, it was not good. The wheel was stuck inside the body. I could use the volume and I could move from song to song, but I could not press the wheel down to pause the music, which was still playing! Well, it played for a minute or two longer, then it told me there was no more battery power and died right there in my hands.

With the power gone and me thinking it was just plain broken, I wasn't afraid to get aggressive with the machine and pound on the wheel until it popped out. I let the iPod be until I got home later that evening and plugged it into an outlet, where it worked just fine.

The next day i unplugged the iPod from the power source, but it only worked for a few minutes before dying again. Not sure what to do with it and assuming it was just never going to work on its own again, I plugged it back in to the outlet where I was at least able to get SOME use out of it.

Lo and behold the next day, I tried it again and was able to get several hours of play time out of it and its been working pretty alright ever since, though today it pooped out on me pretty early. I was left to deal with the bus ride and walk home sans an appropriate soundtrack.

The point of this story, though, is my iPod Mini is quite the tank! My iPod has lasted longer than anyone else that I know and I have to wonder if anyone else has had this experience as well with their Mini. Every person I know who's had a Shuffle has had it break after a very short time. The regular iPods lasted for a time, but not nearly as long as my Mini, though ... I think my brother has his original iPod still and its either as old as my Mini, or its older. I think older, though his Shuffle went to hell. My friend Natalee has had two iPods. I haven't heard anything about the new Nano's or the old for that matter.

But I'd really like to hear from other people who have or had iPod Mini's and if their's lasted as long or stood up as well to the abuse mine did. I still see them being used all over the place. More so than the older original iPods or the older Nanos.

While my Ipod is still working, its not working well, so I will be getting a new one. I'm looking to probably get an iPod Nano and I'm excited to get a video one, so i can watch Diggnation instead of just listen to it, but I've been looking at the iPod Touch, which, if its as cool as it sounds, would probably be a better investment for me. I'm with out a laptop now and I have zero time or energy to write the emails I need to write. It would be lovely to have a device to to that with now. As tedious as it would be, it would be SOMETHING!

Ya know?

And I have more thoughts on Twitter, though I think I'll wait to post them until later. I need to refine what I think and come to a point. Twitter interests me to no end simply because ... it's kinda its own noun and verb. It came out and you really can't tell people WHAT it is. Its not email, its not a blog, its not a text message, it's not Myspace, or Facebook, its ... Twitter. Just ... Twitter. And you tweet. That's all, you tweet, not text or blog or ... whatever. You tweet.

And thank GOD for the "undo" button, because I just accidentally deleted this entire post and spent the past 60 or so seconds freaking out before I remembered to right click and "undo" what I had done.


Good night!


Anonymous Tony Walla said...

No mini for me but my 30Gb 3rd gen iPod is still in use on a daily basis. I have a silicone skin that protects it from all of my drops and I've replaced the battery once. I've replaced batteries in 2 other 30Gb 3G iPods that are still in use.

10:23 AM  

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