Wednesday, April 16, 2008

tweet tweet twitter!

Sssssoooooo, I have this new addiction and it's Twitter. I'm not sure exactly how to explain it, but it's sort of like quick fire blogging/text messaging/emailing with a sort of Facebook wall/Myspace comments sort of feel to it.

See, you make an account. You up load one small picture. You can tweak the back ground a bit to personalize it, you can add a URL and give yourself a one or two sentence bio, but that's it.

Then you start updating.

You've got 140 characters to work with and that is all you have. The whole update idea centers around a single question: what are you doing?

Your friends then "follow" you on Twitter using their account. They can either check your "tweets" via the web, or they can assign cell phone and have the tweets text them directly.

And you don't have to have everyone you follow update your phone at all. Pretty all of mine do, but there are two people who are ... just out of control. So, i had to turn them off.

You can update what you're doing by texting messaging Twitter, there are applications for Face Book and Mac users specifically and there are others. Lots of others, I just haven't looked into it. My Facebook app doesn't work at all. I hate it, but I almost never log into Twitter, I text everything I put.

This whole Twitter thing is pretty cool because the more people you follow, the more follow you until you're part of a large web of communication.

A perfect example of just how powerful Twitter is happened at SXSW when an interview being done by BusinessWeek's Sarah Lacy and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg took a turn the audience didn't approve of. They felt Lacey was soft balling Zuckerburg and flirting with him, so they all jumped on Twitter to express their frustration. Everyone saw everyone else's negative remarks and the interview ended with the audience literally "heckling" Lacey in real life and taking over the interview to ask questions they felt were interesting and important.

What makes this whole thing even more interesting to me is my favorite podcast, This Week in Tech, was being recorded and they picked up on what was going down at SXSW as it was happening ... all because they could see it playing out on THEIR tweets.

Its amazing to me. Social networking blows my mind.

Twitter is ... just so much fun! A quicker more evolved myspace. Try it out! If you do, be sure to folloe me, I'm ministeph.


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