Wednesday, August 13, 2008

i was all, WHOA!

Hello dears. It's been some time since I have posted, shame shame shame on me.

My deepest apologies.

I once again find myself trying to find some gravity when I feel like I'm losing control.

I have moved to Milwaukee, WI. My room mate isn't moving until next month, so I am completely alone aaaaand, its making me pretty sad.

So, it is the PERFECT time to fire up the ol' blog and try to establish a sense of self through writing and finding goodies on the internet and, of course, locally here in Milwaukee.

Let me just catch you all up with what I'm into these days. I change constantly, so its hard to keep up!

I still love my tech stuff, I listen to TWiT and Diggnation, but right now I'm more into music and art and film. I've started a DIY art/craft group called Sunday Morning. I tried to get a following in Madison, but no one ever showed any interest. My goal here in Milwaukee is to establish myself in the DIY art community, make sure my voice is heard and hopefully end up in Portland, OR or San Fran, CA.

We shall see.

My interests are homemade stickers and greeting cards, but I'd like to expand into screen printing shirts, felted crafts (with a STRONG emphasis on R O B O T S.) and knitting.

I hope with this blog to always have a project going, to chronicle my constant projects, set up my own etsy shop and get every one interested in the DIY culture.

This blog should be more fun since I just got a brand new MacBook, so I have Photo Booth, which means, of course ... pics AND video, HOORAY!

I've already started my first project, so keep an open for that blog which should be coming soon!


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