Thursday, August 14, 2008

Potato Chips = Mark of the Beast

Today is the start of my new life, so to speak. My new life here in Milwaukee. I've been here for almost two weeks, I know, but all I've done is laid around, feeling homesick and sorry for myself and time is a wastin', COME ON!

Yesterday I actually ventured out into my neighborhood. I live in RiverWest Milwaukee and its home to a plethora of artists, musicians and film makers. Its perfect for me! There is a cafe a few blocks away from me called Fuel Cafe and yesterday I decided to pop in for some coffee. It was great. The atmosphere in that cafe is very rock and roll, tattoo, graffiti, just wow. In your face. It really inspired me. I started a script for a short film and it feels fantastic.

Then I went to the RiverWest Co-Op for some soy milk and a really sweet guy there started a conversation with me, which was great. Really great. I needed to make contact with someone. ANYONE!

My goals for today are such:
1) Clean out the closet the last residents left full of trash
2) Empty my giant pail full of pinesol water and car hair (it'll be tricky coz the bucket is heavy and i don't have a proper hair trap for all that cat hair.)
3) Go to Fuel to do the following
a) Write my script for another 30 mins.
b) Work on my construction paper robot ... coz that thing is awesome. I'll take a pic later and post it.
4) Try and get over my fear of the gas range stove-top and make myself a decent dinner.

That last one is gonna be tough. Especially since "decent" means a can of nacho cheese Chef Boyardi and I've already put some weight on here in Milwaukee. I gotta start making better things for myself other than a bowl of Lucky Charms and a plate of potato chips. That last one is for sure the big no-no. I've eaten a family size bag of potato chips by myself in less than a week ... in 3 separate servings, OOOOH! I know. That is so bad.


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Blogger Undercover said...

Hey that's a brave thing you're doing moving to a new town and not knowing people. Very brave!

Good luck with the chip resolution. Have you kept it up? If not you could try again for lent (even if you're not Catholic. I'm not but I always try to give something up just for the discipline of it) ;0

In case you're worried I'm a freaky internet stalker weirdo, don't worry. I just bumped into one of your Tweets and clicked through to your blog. Thanks for the diversion of reading your stuff!

Curt K. "Undercover_Lawr" on Twitter

8:53 PM  

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