Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And So It Begins

So, in light of my last post about wanting to lead a better life, one of simplicity and ecological responsibility, I've done an "audit" of my habits and my apartment.

Here is what I found:

First, my front door has a fairly large gap along the bottom. Sunlight leaks in and when winter rolls around, all our heat is sure to leak out. Not only will that make it harder to keep the apartment warm, that's going to make for one giant CO2 footprint! I'll have to be sure to call or email my landlord and let her know of this problem and I'll have to do it soon! It's already getting chilly.

Second, there is only one light switch for the light in the kitchen. And it's all the way across the room by that leaking front door. That makes for bad habits where I leave that light on ALL NIGHT because I hate walking across that dark room to turn it on and off. I have a flash light to help me through the dark, but it makes for spooky lighting, so I tend to abandon that method.

Third, just lights in general. I'm terrible at leaving my bedroom and hall lights on for no reason at all. And in the morning, I tend to forget that the bathroom light is still on. VERY bad.

Also, when it's warmer out, the fan in the living room gets turned on to help cool things down, which is fine! But then we go to bed with it still spinning outside our CLOSED bedroom doors. And if it's warm enough, we have our very own box fans running at the same time.

Another thing, I tend to leave the TV on all the time. I get too involved with my music, dancing and singing for hours, or remembering there was a band I wanted to check out. So, I get nothing done. TV tends to be my background noise of choice, but that uses up lots and lots of energy when maybe I should just get use to silence.

Finally, appliances in general. I leave a lot of appliances plugged in when not in use. Coffee maker, laptop (fully charged, still plugged in), my hair dryer some mornings, my heating blanket (trying to wean myself off that, but it helps reduce my aching hips), cell phone charger, LOTS and LOTS! Including a CD player and iPod I don't even use anymore (in favor of my laptop.)

My goals for the bigger picture and the approaching winter is to make sure i winterize my apartment. The house I live in was built in 1896, so the windows are niiiiiiiice and leaky. Not to mention that front door I already mentioned. My landlord just replaced it and the workers left that gap in there. It's only in 40's and we're already freezing our asses off.

So, I've done my audit. I've keyed in on my problems. The next step is to work work on reversing the bad habits and finding products/methods in which to seal up our leaky windows and save on heat while reducing the CO2 footprint I leave behind.


Blogger sarandi said...

There's this great rubber weather stripping that you can get for the windows. You just apply it to the bottom of the window, and shut it. It adjusts to all the variations between the pane and the sill, and keeps heat in and cold out! Also, I sewed some window snakes for my windows out of old pajamas. Just sew some tubes (I'd err on the larger side, the thinner, the harder they are to stuff) and stuff them with other clothes that you've cut into strips. Then place them where you get drafts near windows and doors. Cold can still get it, but they work wonders to break up a cold gusty breeze. And, its a thrify way to recycle old clothing. You can even make them look like snakes, or eels? Haha! I'll try to think of more ideas!

9:00 PM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

that's such a great idea! thank you! i honestly don't think i have any clothes to recycle at the moment, but i'm going to go look right now!

12:26 PM  

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