Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tickle My Pickle

I think I really need a tumble blog. Or whatever you call those things. Because, I don't ever really anything to SAY anymore (thanks to twitter, uhm, @lilteapot btw), but I definitely have things to SHARE.

I'm gonna look into that, but for the time being, I'm probably going to make this little do-hicky thing of a blog WANNA BE into a make shift tumble blog thing.

SO, things I've been looking at on teh interwebz (oh no she di'int!)

Senator McCain's daughter, Megan, has a really great blog that I love. I'm not really a supporter of the republican party ... in fact, I think I'm more of an independent, really, HOWEVER, I am for sure a supporter of people who are smart and have voices. And I think Megan has a voice worth taking a look at. It's political, but only by default, seeing as how she's on the campaign trail with her father, but really. This blog is about being a daughter who supports her father and I'm in love with it.


Her blogging style is really easy to follow when you're busy. She has 3 elements to it. A short blurb about what's going on and how she feels about it, a "song of the day," which I think is almost always country pop, and then she has pictures. Lots and lots of really great candid moments with her family.

Check it out! Really! It's worth at least once glance through.

Another website I've been on lately is Wordie It calls itself "flickr, but with out the pictures." So, basically, you're collecting words and lists of words. The people who use it are HARD CORE and it's actually very difficult to follow. Be prepared to see words you never knew even existed and be sure to keep wiki up. You'll need to look up a majority of the words. I'm in the process of making my own profile, I'll post more on that later when I'm done.

Otherwise, I've been on Etsy shopping and finding lots of amazing things. If you're unfamiliar with Etsy, it's an online store where artisans and crafters make home made gifts, upload their wares and sell them for usually, VERY reasonable prices. It's like a 24/7 craft fair. I love it.

Here are some of the things i've found:

This is a felted scarf that I MUST have. They're about $38, but can be a little more expensive if you've got more beading or design to them. Felted yarn is extremely warm and these designs are unique, feminine and totally practical. You don't have a long, snaking scarf to deal with. Just a wrap that hooks together and you are good to go.
Get yours from Rudman and Etsy

Also, I love these:

They're flatware sets that are made of wood, not plastic. You take them with you when you eat at a fast food or casual dining restaurant. They come with a fork, spoon, knife, linen napkin and sometimes with chopsticks as well. Some sets come with antique metal ware, some sets are for two, while others are for children. Its a great way to reduce our waste and they make adorable and affordable gifts.
Get yours at Ponyup at Etsy

I love Etsy. Don't forget to check out their entire site.


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