Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mmmmm, someday!

It's time to get productive again, kids, VERY productive. Now, I'll be honest ... I'm a baby. I've been resistant to learning the bus system here in Milwaukee. Maybe "resistant" isn't such a great word, maybe BOYCOTT is. Coz, I think the price they expect you to pay for a ride that drops you off blocks away from your destination 80% of the time is unacceptable.

I could just be spoiled.

But, this is not the point of my blog.

I had access to a car (and the very best chauffeurs: my parents) this weekend, so I went SHOPPING! And what was I able to pick up? Well, card stock was first on my list. I love card stock, because you can make lick-n-stick stickers with them. The paper is thick enough and can stand up to getting wet with the gelatin you use to make the lick-n-stick part.

So? More drawing for me!

Also, my landlord STILL hasn't fixed my stove. She keeps telling me she's sending someone over and no one ever comes. EVER. So, fuck you, landlord, I got a toaster oven! It's much smaller, so I'm using less electricity to heat it up, it's easier to clean and I can make shrinky dinks!!! Shrink plastic, while not so good for the environment, is a cheap and easy way to make unique and clever jewelry. I'm very much obsessed with tattoo art and want to cover my body in tattoos. The problem? I am a person of immense change (and growth!) and it's hard for me to ever just pick a tattoo or style that I think will still be personally relevant even weeks from when I get it. I know people change all the time and that tattoos can be a monument to who you've been and a mark of how you've come to be who you are now, but ... I change a lot, a lot. Just ask my family and friends. I'm a little crazy.

So, what does that have to do with shrink plastic? I can take my tattoo ideas, draw them out on shrink plastic, cut them out, pop them in the oven and make them into pins, earrings and necklaces that I can wear, express myself, but take off when I feel that is no longer an expression of who I am.

With out a working stove, I couldn't make my shrink plastic tattoos, but with my toaster oven, I CAN!

Last, I picked up some more yarn. My goal is to make cheap, but adorable knitted skinny scarves and sell them on etsy. You look at most of the items that are knitted on etsy and they are EXPENSIVE. Scarves are one of my favorite accessories and not just because I'm cold ALL OF THE TIME (!!!!!), but because, I really feel that scarves are a great way to add color or a pattern to an outfit and I don't think you should have to spend a lot of money on this. Luxury yarn is WONDERFUL! It really is, but for a lot of people, it is unnecessary. Stock up on fun scarves that are machine washable and affordable.

My etsy shop will hopefully consist of lots of fun scarves, shrink plastic pins to add to the scarves and little gift of silly, nifty lick - n - stickers ... all for a price everyone can afford.

hopefully I can do this and be so successful, I can quit my day job and just focus on my shop! Mmmmmm, someday!

Until then, it's all about working my ass off and always keeping busy!


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