Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Until Then, Rock On.

So, there is this change starting to take place in me. Not so much a CHANGE, but a ... a ... re-boot, if you will. I'm starting to have things to write about again. I'm waking up with ideas in the morning, things to research, implement in my life. It's been a while. I like it when the gears in my head and heart start to click together a little differently and I feel excited. Because, the past few months have not been what they should have been. My whole life changed radically from what it had been. I should have been coming to life, but instead, I hid myself in my apartment. Stayed away from a city bursting at the seams with possibility and promise.

There is too much for me to do and see to hide away any longer.

I think, in addition to spending my time trying to reduce my impact on the environment, I need to start increasing it on the community. I am a person full of passion and love, with ideas and things to say and a very loud laugh. I should be out there making my mark on them, and getting their mark on me.

New rule: I must go some where new every week. I don't know if I'll have time this week to start it, but I can certainly start making the list and setting up a plan.

If you live in Milwaukee and know of any great places I just HAVE to go see, drop me a note. I'd love to hear it.

Until then, rock on.



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