Sunday, December 14, 2008

Don't Be An Asshole.

I sort of lost my motivation for a while. Winter tends to kick my ass every year and this time round is no exception. I'm in a strange city, I have no idea where I can go to get away. There is no state street for me, with lots of friends to grab a cup of coffee with. There is no Sunday Morning every week to make me be productive. There is only me, trying to find where I fit into the scheme of life in Milwaukee.

Friday, after work, I came home and ended up sleeping the whole rest of the day away. From 5:30pm until 10am Saturday. After waking up and realizing what I had done, I decided I needed to start writing down things. Anything. Lists. Lists of everything. What I want, don't want, need, don't need, places and people.

It was the people that stuck out the most to me, so I made some calls and spoke with family. Caught up. Cemented myself back into reality. My sister Liz's job has been a nightmare, but through hard work she made a place for herself in the school and is now becoming a respected teacher. My brother had a fight with his wife. My mom had my nephew and nieces over. My sister Val is now the black sheep at work because she insisted on having the 31st of December off to celebrate her only daughter's 2nd birthday.

Some of us are having fun. Some of us are not. Life is life, we keep moving.

Only, I have not.

So, I moved on to Christmas. Scoured etsy and found some BAD ASS gifts for my nephew and nieces. Discovered the "Zine" section of etsy and was instantly inspired. After wrapping up my shopping and making my purchases online, I was off to Fuel for some brainstorming and a heart to heart with myself.

The product?

This video:

The (brain) Storm from stephanie riedel on Vimeo.

I have to remember who I am and why I'm here. Always. I had so much fun making this I made a promise to myself to keep a project going all the time. Short videos like this, knitting, blogging, I want to build a bike, make my own zines/comic books ... I want to learn how to cook amazing soups! I just need to never let myself be idle like I was before.

Idleness is badness. You're an asshole if you're idle.

Don't be an asshole.


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