Sunday, January 25, 2009

Before You Know It.

Well, ladies and gentlemen ... I did get a bike. Finally! A friend had seen a teeny tiny road bike on 24" wheels at the bike collective he volunteers at, so he grabbed it and stopped by my place with it. Turns out it's a perfect fit.

I'm a little afraid of it, HAHA! Just because it's winter and I know I'll need to get on it at some point to give it a test drive, see what parts aren't working and fix them.

The reason I have some trepidation is, I've always ridden a children's bike. First, the handlebars were upright. Second, the seat was always low enough to sit on while you were stopped. With adult bikes, the seat is much higher. You have to hop off the seat when you stop.

Between hopping on and off the seat and having my handlebars be so low AND have snow and ice all over the ground ... I'm a tad nervous about riding.

But, I know it's going to be really great anyway. I'll get use to it and I'll be a riding fiend before I know it.

My NEXT project ... search the internet for fixed wheels in 24". So far ... it's a total no go. But, maybe I'll get lucky, eh?

Let's hope so.


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